The OAPEN Library

The OAPEN Library is a dedicated collection of scholarly titles (peer-reviewed monographs and edited volumes) in the humanities and social sciences.

The goals of the OAPEN Library are:

  • to build a branded collection of OA peer-reviewed titles;
  • to increase the visibility and retrievability of high-quality European¬†research;
  • to promote OA book publishing by setting quality standards for content, based on transparent procedures for peer review and recommendations for OA licences.


The OAPEN publication model

The OAPEN publication model incorporates a legal framework, a system for quality assurance and technical specifications. We have designed it to improve worldwide access to monographs, but also to bring down the growing economic barriers facing traditional monograph publishing. It is a hybrid publication approach, combining OA and traditional print (or Print on Demand) publishing.

We recommend that publications conform to one of the existing Creative Commons licences.

Publishers remain free to publish and sell other formats such as traditional print books, PoD and e-book formats. Publishers produce the OA format as a service for which they can charge a publication fee. The costing system developed for the model helps to calculate and offset production costs against the fees.

Publication subsidies can be solicited from a variety of sources, such as research funders, universities and research institutes, research libraries or their consortia.

The objective is to ensure both the publication of and access to peer-reviewed research results. Therefore, research funders may promote or request OA publication of funded research. We will list funding opportunities for OA books as far as we are aware of them, but authors and publishers should pursue their own lines of enquiry.