Terms and conditions

Becoming a member of the OAPEN Library involves two formal steps. First, you need to comply with the technical, legal and quality standards outlined in this brochure. You will then need to sign an agreement to join OAPEN. The agreement is available on www.oapen.org.

Our annual fee comprising annual membership and individual services of the production centre, starting at around €700 per year, is calibrated to the size of your front list and the number of titles submitted to the OAPEN Library. Different rates apply to new entrants and publishers who are already OAPEN members. While the established members receive an annual discount, new ones pay the full fee for the first year to cover the more work-intensive integration process. In this way, OAPEN rewards the long-term commitment of its partners. The membership discount can be significantly improved if you publish at least 50 per cent of your list in Open Access.

As OAPEN membership is confirmed annually, termination should be announced three months prior to the end of current membership.