Specifications for OAPEN Library e-books

• File format

The OAPEN Library consists of two types of documents: PDF files and XML files. Most publishers have PDF files available, which can be directly viewed and allows visitors to the OAPEN Library to search through the complete contents of the file (full text search). XML files – following the TEI guidelines – may also be used. XML files enable enhanced navigation.

• Metadata

Each book must be accompanied by metadata. The metadata is based on the Dublin Core standard. While there are about 19 different fields available, only 10 are mandatory. For describing content, the use of the BIC standard is compulsory. This ensures maximum usability for OAPEN Library visitors, while keeping the obligations for publishers at an acceptable level.

• Adding documents

Publishers can upload files directly into the OAPEN Library, using a secure environment. As an alternative, the OAPEN Library can harvest documents from a publisher’s repository. In order to enable this, the repository must comply with the DRIVER guidelines.