Project Information

OAPEN aims to achieve a sustainable publication model for academic books in Humanities and Social Sciences and to improve the visibility and usability of high quality academic re-search in Europe. OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) is the first inter-national Open Access project in the area of academic book publishing and is supported by the European Union.

OAPEN’s model, based on the Open Access publication of academic books, offers advantages to all stakeholders in scholarly communication.

  • For authors, it extends the reach of their work, by ensuring worldwide access and retrievability.
  • Researchers benefit through direct access to publications, improved search mechanisms across collections and ease of use.
  • Research funders can not only guarantee the publication of peer reviewed research results, but also ensure free and unrestricted access, thereby improving the return on their investment in research.
  • Libraries can improve the service to their customers.
  • For academic publishers Open Access publishing offers a more effective and sustain-able approach to the dissemination of scholarly knowledge, and the monograph more in specific.

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