About OAPEN - Open Access Publishing in European Networks

OAPEN consists of a number of European university presses and universities, and is open to new partners. The publishing partners are all scholarly presses predominantly active in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and book publishing. Jointly the members have digital publishing programmes, conduct experiments with OA, make use of digital repositories, publish in different European languages, have a worldwide distribution network (including the USA), and cooperate closely with university libraries.

At the request of the European Commission, these partners have developed a joint proposal in the category "Targeted Projects" in the eContentplus programme. The 30 months project aims to develop and implement an OA publication model for academic books in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The project aims to achieve a sustainable European approach to improve quantity, visibility and usability of high-quality OA content. It will foster the creation of new content by developing future-oriented publishing solutions, including an online library dedicated to HSS. In order to expand the content of the online library and achieve critical mass, OAPEN will also aggregate content from other publishers in HSS.

The OA model that will be developed (the first of its kind) aims to create an OA-publishing platform in combination with an online library, that can be used by academic publishers and research funding institutes, based on their respective needs. In this sense OAPEN will play an integrating and marketing role for Open Access publishing of HSS books. It will develop and foster the visibility of this publishing model to all stakeholders, i.e. readers and authors, institutions, publishers, librarians and research funding organizations.

The basic e-publishing infrastructure already exists. In order to establish an online library for HSS publications, funding is needed for scientific studies, development of OA models and e-publishing services, and the development of tools and services connected to the publication infrastructure.

The Open Access publications will be thoroughly peer-reviewed, and subject to the usual publishing restrictions of each press, and they will be made available as printed books through POD partners globally.

For more information please see our news page or join up with us. There is also some useful background information available on this page or through our links.